What is and what should be in a logo


It isn’t easy to create a logo, since each one has to be well studied and researched to satisfy the conditions of the product or company. However, we must understand that it should be simple. Since we want you to identify our product, we do not want too much information. It shouldn’t be full of elements, or have multiple fonts, as it gives the impression of a mess.

Each client demands a different logo, so it’s essential that we know the persona of the people and companies with whom we work. A combination of adapted colors is also another step, for example, if we are making one for a nursery is not recommended the use of red with black since sends a very strong message.

A logo needs to be aesthetically pleasing, balanced, and technically feasible. It must remain modern even with the passing of time, without elements characterized by ages or idioms, unless this is its purpose. You should also think about what kind of material it will be stamped, whether it is glass, plastic, etc.

The logo is the face of your company, it’s from it that you’ll build your brand awareness. It’s through it that the public will identify your product or service. That is why it’s essential that it be well planned and functional for your business.